Monday, July 7, 2014

Let That Skin Breathe, the Natural Way: Michael Todd True Organics Skincare Review

The older I get, naturally the more concerned I get with aging and the toll it takes on your body, and of course the signs that show up on your face and skin, but I also have become more concerned with what I put on my face and skin. Of course I want to use those little miracle-worker products that are going to help me look younger, but I've also become more concerned with using products that are natural and organic, and safe for my skin. After years of using harsh chemicals, I realize that while my skin my be clearing up, and the sun spots may be fading, I'm really not doing my skin any favors by using harsh chemicals.

Truth is, there are plenty of effective safe, and natural ingredients out there that do just as good of a job as their more expensive counterparts, who also use the harsh ingredients. Natural and organic products are popping up everywhere because us ladies are finding that they work every bit as well, if not better, but are going to be healthier and safer for our skin and bodies.

I came across the Michael Todd True Organics line awhile back and was dying to try out some of the products. This special line of skincare made with organic ingredients, is produced right here in the USA, and you won't find added water to their products, no mineral oil, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, parabens, triclosan, sulphates, or phthalates either. You won't find anything harsh in this wonderful line, AND they do not test on animals either! The ingredients used in Michael Todd True Organics are effective, natural, and safe for all skin types!

I got to try out the Skin Defender AHA creme facial cleanser and the Pink Grapefruit energizing body lotion, which soothes, firms, and tones the skin. When my products arrived I immediately tried out the lotion. I love the sweet aroma of pink grapefruit, and especially that its not made from synthetic fragrances either. The lotion is super lightweight, a little on the runny side, so be careful when you're applying it, and it leaves your skin feeling revigorated and nicely hydrated.

I used it all over, from head to toe, and loved the nice scent it left on my skin. Although it's very lightweight, it does the trick! It is extremely moisturizing. I loved how smooth and soft it left my skin. And actually because it is lightweight, it makes it the perfect lotion for this time of year. Have you ever used that super heavy creamy lotion and found that in this heat you couldn't quite rub it in all the way? That is so frustrating, and you absolutely won't experience that with the Michael Todd Pink Grapefruit energizing body lotion. My skin soaked it up right away, even in the heat. My skin has not been the least bit dry while using it either. I have been using it nearly every day for the last few weeks, and my skin feels incredibly smooth and soft.

The cleanser was probably my favorite. The Skin Defender AHA Creme Facial Cleanser is rich and creamy, and feels absolutely amazing on the skin. I absolutely loved using this cleanser right away. As soon as the silky texture touched my skin, I was instantly in love. The cleanser goes a long way so you only need a little. You find that it glides and smooths over the skin nicely while still foaming up a bit. This natural cleanser exfoliates and neutralizes impurities in the skin, all while removing your makeup and leaving you with soft, moisturized, clean skin. It also has a really nice sweet faint scent to it, which I absolutely adored.

This is a great creamy cleanser for skin a little on the dry side. I found it to be completely moisturizing. I loved that after cleansing, my skin never felt tight or stretched, instead it felt like it was taking a breath of fresh air. My skin could breathe nicely after my makeup was removed, and it felt super soft and supple as well.

This cleanser also contains alpha hydroxy acid which has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. You will also find organic green tea and citrus extracts of lemon in this wonderful cleanser, which helps fade those nasty sun spots and even out the complexion of your face.

After using my cleanser, my skin felt more refreshed and I even noticed a nice glow to it. My skin truly seemed to love this cleanser and it showed on my face almost instantly.

After using these products from the Michael Todd True Organics skincare line, I'm completely sold and thrilled to try more from this exquisite, natural line of products. My skin truly seems happier and I love that my skin tone seems more evened out and looks more radiant too!

If you would like to learn more about the Michael Todd True Organics Line, check them out today at today!

Happy Beautifying!

*I was given these products for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative to them in some way.


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