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Stella & Dot Black Friday Jewelry Sale Starting Now!

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Speaking of Black Friday Sales Starting Early!  Stella & Dot has just announced their Black Friday SALE is starting now! 

Head over there now to receive an additional 25% off all sale items now through 11/30. You can save big on lots of Gifts for Her - necklaces, earrings, rings and other beautiful accessories. 

And to make things even better, right now they are having their DOT DOLLARS SALE! For every $50 you purchase, you will get $25 back to spend later. 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Stella & Dot Black Friday Sale today!www.stelladot.com/shop/en_us/sale/sale-all 

Happy Early Black Friday Shopping!

A New Kitchen Remodel? Yes Please!

Hey Lovelies, as I've been talking about home remodeling in a few past posts, I have currently been in the middle of a huge kitchen remodel! After a couple of months of work, the project is finally finished! Thank goodness! 

My kitchen was pure 1995, with yellowish-beige cabinets, a pinkish laminate countertop (that unfortunately shows up throughout the whole house - which will certainly be updated at a later point!), and super out-dated laminate flooring (which they had put over tile for some reason!) Luckily, I brought my nice LG stainless steel fridge from my old place, and the house came with an LG stainless steel dishwasher and Stainless Steel GE ovens.

The kitchen remodel started with new black quartz, with a gorgeous sparkle countertops, replacing the super old-fashioned laminate countertops. Once in, the yellowish cabinets were painted white, and replaced with new hardware. Then I went nuts with the tile, to give it a much more modern look. I realize it might be a bit too much tile, but I wanted the whole idea to be, "WOW!" when you first turn the corner out of the entry way and see the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is the focal point of the home, and for a modern-style home (which is my decor style all the way), I wanted the kitchen to reflect that. I In my new kitchen, you will find tile lined around the bar and island, as well a pretty huge backsplash, which indeed gives my home a much more modern feel.

The tile is a new cracked grass multi-colored black, white, and gray tile that is really having a moment right now. I used this tile to bring the black countertops and white cabinets together, as well as the new gray luxury vinyl flooring that was going in the kitchen as well as replacing the rest of the old, coming apart, badly scratched by my super hyper border collie, flooring on my whole main level.

So here are the before pictures:


And then here is the after pics, with the new painted white cabinets with new nickel hardware, black quartz, sparkly countertop, new black sink, new nickel kitchen faucet, cracked glass tile, and gray luxury vinyl flooring:


What do you think of the updates? Let me know in the comments below! I welcome any feedback! xo 

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Happy re-designing! 

The Ultimate Destination for Cameras this Holiday Season: BestBuy

Are you shopping for a photographer this holiday season or perhaps for someone who loves to take lots of pictures just for the fun of it? Cameras are used and loved by many, and for good reason! Capturing the moment is the best way to re-live it over and over! I know there have been lots of great photos I've taken over the years that I've held onto mostly for memory sake, and there have even been some that turned out so amazing they got blown up, put on canvas, and are now hanging on my wall!

With the holidays coming faster than we can shop (isn't that always how it is!) Now is a great time to buy that perfect camera for the photo-lover on your shopping list!

BestBuy has a great selection of some of the top of the line cameras for the photographer friends and family members on your holiday shopping list, as well as cameras perfect for anybody who just enjoys taking pictures!

You can find three of the season's best cameras right now at BestBuy.com, including the Nikon D5300 DSLR with 18-55mm VR lens, the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, and the Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens camera. 

Each of these cameras make a great gift and right now you can get them at an amazing savings! The Nikon D5300 (regularly $899) is on sale for just $799 right now! 

This camera features built in wi-fi, making it a cinch to share those photos you just took! The camera comes with an AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 G VR II lens, that gives you amazingly sharp images, as well as videos in amazing 1080p HD too!  You will also find optical image stabilization, which makes up for the shakes and gives you a smoother, high clarity picture and video, while removing the blur at the same time.

Thanks to the Nikon's 5 frames per second, you can also get great fast-moving shots too with this amazing camera! It also comes with built in GPS allowing you to keep track of where each photo was taken.

You can also use different features for different environments, such as landscape mode, portrait mode, and many more!  The Nikon D5300 is also available in red or gray too! 

With the Samsung Galaxy 2 camera, you get built in wi-fi and can use your favorite android apps for shooting and sharing your favorite pictures! The Samsung Galaxy 2 comes with a 16.3 megapixel, 1/2.3 BSI CMOS sensor, giving you sharper images as well as high-definition videos too!  Use the 4.8" touch screen to make taking and sharing photos and videos a breeze!

You will also find optical image stabilization on the Samsung Galaxy 2, to clear up the blur, and give you steady, super clear images and videos. Use the different 28 scene modes and special effects to get your best possible selfie or landscape photo! The handy face-decection mode will also help bring your subjects face into clear view, giving you the best possible portrait photo.

The new Sony a6000 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera gives you the worlds fastest auto-focus in a compact little camera that is super easy to tote around!

The Sony features a 24.3 megapixel, Exmor APS-C CMOS sensor that enables you to shoot many different scenes with super high clarity. The camera also comes with built in wi-fi so you can share your photos easily. You can also capture amazing videos in HD with the Sony, and will once again find optical image stabilization to give you the clearest, crispest picture with no blurring.

The Sony also comes in white or silver.

Any of these new innovative cameras features some of the best technology for taking clear, beautiful photos and would make a spectacular gift for any photography-loving person on your holiday shopping list this year!

You can pick up any of these amazing cameras at BestBuy.com right now at a great savings! Each are $100 off right now!  Shop the Best Buy Camera Center today!

Happy Shopping! 

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Black Friday Deals Going On Now!

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Hey lovelies, Lots of boutiques and stores are releasing their Black Friday Deals all week! You can start saving cash now instead of waiting for the big rush on Friday!

Here are some of my favorite Fashion deals going on at Ebay right now! 

These are just some of the deals for today at Ebay, and the deals are changing daily, so be sure to shop Ebay.com each day this week to get in on new fashion, electronic, jewelry, and more! 

Happy Black Friday Shopping EARLY this year! xo xo

Monday, November 24, 2014

Cruelty-Free and its Importance in Buying Cosmetics

Hey lovelies, I just wanted to share a quick post with you that hopefully most of you will find interesting and helpful too. Being a beauty blogger, I'm constantly reviewing makeup, cosmetics, and skincare. Being a vegetarian, Animal Cruelty is a huge issue for me, and although I blog about fashion and beauty (which tends to be the worst possible culprits for animal abuse) it's a constant battle for me. Buying animal cruelty-free products has become extremely important to me over the years. I am moving more and more towards more cruelty-free fashion, and of course cruelty-free cosmetics.

In fashion, its usually pretty easy to see what you're buying and wether its coming from an animal or not. (Don't be persuaded by the industry to believe that buying wool-free is cruelty-free, because the sheep lives. This is certainly not always the case! In fact, lots of abuse is reported each year from companies using wool!) You can buy the faux and vegan leather, and make sure fur is always faux. Sometimes labels can be sneaky though. For instance if that supposedly faux fur handbag says "Angora" o the label, its actually made from rabbit, and the fur industry is by far one of the worse for the pain and suffering animals go under, having their fur painfully ripped off of them, often while they are alive!

What has really amazed me is how sneaky the beauty industry is. Which is the whole purpose of this post today. I recently got lash extensions, and was told I need to use oil-free products to preserve the life of my extensions. Being a beauty blogger, I am lucky enough to receive so many products to review, (most of which I make sure are cruelty-free before ever agreeing to review) I rarely ever have to buy them. Going through my bathroom closet though,  I realized quickly I didn't have oil-free products and was going to need to buy some.

I got on amazon to start comparison shopping and found lots of Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, and other acne fighting, oil-free products. What I didn't realize, that nearly all of the brands listed in this category are not cruelty free! Yes Neutrogena and Clean and Clear test on animals! I was shocked to learn this! Even Revlon, and Revlon owns nearly everything! So be extremely careful when buying!

I used the handy Cruelty-FREE app to plug in name brands and find out if they are indeed cruelty-free or not. You can upload this app to your iPhone or droid HERE, and look for the leaping bunny or "vegan" listed on the label of product to know you're buying cruelty-free.

Also, think its just bunnies getting tested on for cosmetics? Nope, its cats and dogs too! Lots of different lovable, perfectly helpless animals are subjected to this horrible cruelty daily! It's not harmless by any means, either! Over 100 million animals are devastated by this testing yearly, and suffer ruthless infections, poisoning, crippling, burns, and abusive treatment, and even death.

See the facts on Animal Testing from DoSomething.org here.

(* I stole this poor bunny image from PETA)

Also, I recently had this argument with my husband, so I know a lot of people are under the misconception that animal testing is absolutely necessary so that people aren't exposed to harmful effects of products. 

This is an absolute LIE the industry is telling you! Scientific research has advanced so much that there is absolutely no need to test on animals to be sure products are safe for human use! Duh! That's why there are already plenty of wonderful cruelty-free brands out there not testing on animals, because you don't have to!

Also, I found this fabulous blog with lots and lots of cosmetics companies listed, to let you know wether they are cruelty-free or not. Check out Never Too Much Glitter's fabulous post HERE. I found this amazingly helpful for finding oil-free, cruelty free products (which I went with Natural Beauty for Life's Green Tea Cleanser!)

Here are some of the brands I will be shopping in the future from now on:

Lush Cosmetics
Bath and Body Works
Kiss My Face
Hard Candy
Physicians Formula
Too Faced

and many, many more! You can always check the brands website and most will list if they are cruelty-free.

Happy life-saving shopping!

xo xo

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Video Hair Tutorial - The Ultimate Mermaid Tail Braid in 9 Steps

You don’t have to be a mermaid to have a tail! "I am here to tell you that the mermaid braid is the newest thing in hair," explains Latest-Hairstyles.com guest contributor Melissa Cook. "
They’ve been all the rage this season! Just think of it as the upgraded French braid. This beautiful hairstyle can be dressed up for a night out or worn in a more casual way for an everyday hairstyle."

"What is neat about this type of braid is that if you already know the basics of braiding and have mastered the French braid, then it’ll be a piece of cake to do. The technique behind the braid is exactly the same as French braiding, but when strands are pulled in, they are thinner and smaller so that the hair underneath shows through. This gives it a more intricate and detailed look since the individual pieces are showing up a lot more."

The Ultimate Mermaid Braid Tutorial:

1. Start with a deep side part and pull all the hair over the opposite shoulder.
2. Divide out a section of hair at the back of the head on the heavy side of the part.
3. Divide this into three pieces for the braid.
4. Cross the back strand over the middle.
5. Cross the front strand over the middle.
6. Cross the back strand over the middle, then bring in small section of hair directly below where the braid began.
7. Cross the front strand over the middle and add in a small section of hair directly in front of the braid.
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7, pulling in skinny sections until the braid reaches the bottom of the hair.
9. Once all the hair is braided, tie off the end with an elastic band.

Watch the Video: http://www.latest-hairstyles.com/tutorials/french-braid.html

Happy Hair-Styling!

Get Stocked up for Christmas Winter Weather with DressVe

Thanksgiving is here this week! Can you believe it?! I don't know where the time goes! Snow and winter weather has been hitting a good part of the country lately, and I don't know about you, but I've pretty much skipped most of my fall clothing and went right to warm winter clothing so I don't freeze in these negative temps we've been having here in Wyoming!

If like me, you like to add a few new seasonal pieces to your wardrobe (and what Fashionista doesn't?) DressVe has got a great selection of warm winter, super stylish clothing at a price that can't be beat!

Right now shop the DressVe Christmas Sale and get 5$ off when you spend $50 or more, with code: dressve5,  or get $10 off when you spend $80 or more, with code: dressve10

Here are some of my favorites I want to update my wardrobe with this winter! Of course, lots of jackets and coats! I love this lapel front coat (and its only $17! What!) And all though most of us see leather jackets as a fall piece, they are a great layering piece for winter to keep you warm. Wear over a light sweater, then top your coat over for a really cool look. I love this because I tend to still be freezing in restaurants and movie theaters, so I can take off the coat and still have a nice warm vegan leather jacket to keep me warm! 

I'm particularly loving this vegan leather jacket in this fun mustard color. Totally unexpected for winter but when layering to stay warm, will bring a cool pop of unexpected color to your outfit! 

I haven't forgotten about you chic office ladies! Check out this cool menswear-inpsired style blazer for the office. I love the unique look of this tuxedo-style blazer, and if you tend to have the same lady-like blazers in your work wardrobe rotation, this blazer will really bring some cool edge to your office look and have people wondering what cool place you're shopping this season, that they need to know about! 

I love the look of this blazer for a casual night out with these really cool zippered leggings. Regular plain ol' colored leggings and print leggings are on their way out, but these leggings with this cool rocker-chic edge thanks to the fun zippers, will look more like some cool trendy denim but with the comfort of those fabulously warm leggings most of us just can't seem to let go!

Don't forget the fabulous sheath dress for the office holiday party! I love this basic black long sleeved dress from DressVe. The unexpected buttons give the plain old LBD something exciting, that will make you sure to stand out in the sea of black, which is often what dons the work holiday parties!

Last but not least, I have to have a warm chic cardigan each winter, that I end up wearing everywhere: Around the house, to run errands, out to dinner, wherever. This Cool zebra asymmetrical striped cardigan totally fits the bill for me! I'd wear it everywhere this winter! 

You can shop all of these cool looks right now from DressVe, and stay warm this winter without breaking the bank!

Shop DressVe.com today!

Happy Shopping!