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A Serum that Works Better than Injections. Yep, You Read that Right. Elite Serum Review + GIVEAWAY!

Ugh, isn't it awful how our eyes give us away and tell the world all our secrets? You know, like how horribly we slept, or worse... our age! As they say, our eyes say it all and boy do they! So I've made it my mission to make sure my eyes don't exactly tell the whole truth! Yes I only got 4 hours of sleep last night, but I'll do anything to not look it!

Well as most of us know, it's hard to find products that will really do the trick and a lot of us just don't have the money or want to go to the trouble to get injections or heaven forbid- major cosmetic surgery!

Luckily for us, there is an amazing product on the market that will help your eyes fib a little. With continued use of Elite Serum Rx, your eyes will tell the world you are a little bit younger than you are, a little more well rested, and a little less stressed than you may actually be feeling presently!

Elite Serum Rx uses an amazing combination of peptides to help diminish the dark circles, puffiness around the eyes. decrease the fine lines and wrinkles, and give your eyes an overall brighter, more youthful appearance! 

If you don't know anything about peptides, you may be surprised to learn they are the equivalent to injections, but in the form of an ingredient you can use in a serum to get maximum results. In fact, Elite Serum has figured out how to harness the power of these peptides (they use 8 of them to be exact, at clinical levels) that will actually give you a better result than using your average topical cream OR injections you would get at the dermatologists office! Say What?! Did she just say this serum will work better than cosmetic injections! Yep, she, Er I sure did! Elite Serum is so powerful, you can expect to see BETTER results than paying those big bucks, not to mention dealing with the pain of getting injections at the doctor's office! 

So how exactly does that work, right?! Well Elite Serum Rx uses Argireline to trigger the relaxation of muscles responsible for those crows feet and smile lines. The hexapeptide then mimics the N-terminal end of SNAP-25, then competing with a natural protein for a position in the Snare complex. What this means, is that the neurotransmitters end up not being released as efficiently and the facial contractions and muscles are then weakened and relaxed, leaving you with fewer lines and wrinkles! (Read all about what each of these peptides is amazingly doing in the Elite Serum to give you younger looking skin by visiting their website,

Not only that, but using this amazing serum regularly can also help firm and tighten the skin around the eyes, while also improving the elasticity of the skin, making your eyes look brighter, healthier, happier, and younger! 

Elite Serum Rx's use of Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 reduced wrinkle depth by up to 30% after 30 days of treatment in a recent study! Wow!

Well after reading that, you can bet I was happy to once again get my hands on some fabulous and proven effective Elite Serum Rx. (I reviewed this wonderful product to review a few years back on my blog, see my review HERE). I had such a wonderful experience with it in the past, I was thrilled to give it another go!

After a few weeks of use, my skin is feeling tighter around my eyes. I've actually been amazed with how much I've noticed a difference there. I also have ever-increasing wrinkles below my eyes at the outer sides, but I feel like they're looking a bit less noticeable lately too! I also have not experienced any dark circles or unfortunately tired-looking eyes while using my Elite Serum Rx. This amazing serum really does seem to awaken the eyes and give them a brighter more youthful look! I've also been wearing less concealer around my eyes, in fact, NONE to be exact, in the last few days! My eyes look bright enough on their own now, thanks to using Elite Serum Rx!

I'm completely loving this amazing eye serum and I can't wait to continue use and see what other great benefits it will bring the skin around my eyes and what other unfortunate TRUTHS about my age, etc, it can hide from the world!

If you would like to learn more about this fabulous anti-aging product, you can pick up Elite Serum Rx and learn more about this amazing innovative brand by visiting them at

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Happy Beautifying!

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You'll Never Look for Another Brand of Fitness Apparel Ever Again after Trying Aurorae!

I'm often on the move, and I need workout wear that can keep up with me, and MOVE with me! Any of you regular fitness lovers know what I'm talking about. You know sometimes how you skimp on your workout wear and you end up with horrible ill fitting pieces that just bunch up, ride up, and are otherwise completely uncomfortable. Yeah clothing like that has taken me away from my workout too. I find myself focusing on pulling my top down over my belly instead of on my Vinyasa.

Well I recently came across the most amazing line of fitness clothing that are some of the most comfortable workout clothing I've ever worn! Aurorae is a fabulously, chic, ultra-comfortable eco-friendly line that not only makes amazing workout clothing you will find yourself wanting to LIVE in, but also designs great workout gear too, such as yoga mats, resistant bands, soy wax candles and more! 

I recently got to try out their awesome Ultimate Racer Back Tank (you can pick up this super soft, flexible tank in over 10 different gorgeous colors) and I was beyond sold! When I put this cute tank on, I was immediately drawn to how soft it is! The super soft tank is made from Lenzing Modal fabric, which is a fabric made from rejuvenating beach wood trees. (If you keep up on fashion,  you know that many incredibly soft fabrics are actually made from trees!)

This lush tank is not only the softest sportswear I've ever worn, but it is also super breathable, wicks away moisture, and keeps you dry while working out! It also has flat lock seams that are gentle and friendly to the skin. You will find the tank moves perfectly with you, no bunching of any kind, and these amazing seams won't rub on your skin causing any irritation like unfortunately what happens so often with everyday workout clothing. 

The top is amazingly flexible and the fabric holds its retention so you can wash it over and over (it is machine washable) but it will still keep its great shape, and give you a great shape in the process!

I got to try out this tank in black and put it on for a nice yoga workout outside, now that its been warming up so nicely. What I found from my workout was, not only does this tank look amazing, but it kept me dry and fresh, and I never had to pull on it or adjust it once. It feels so amazingly soft and comfortable, it truly feels like a second skin. It allowed me to forget about what I was wearing and focus on my workout! Now who doesn't want that?! 

What I also found unique to this fitness tank top, that I absolutely loved, is that it is extra long too! It comes down and covers about mid-bum for me. This is amazing because I am tall and have a long torso and workout tops almost never come down to a comfortable level over my tummy. I find most of them riding up, especially while doing yoga. I absolutely adore the length of this racer back tank!

Check out how well my tank moves with me while I do my yoga workout below:

Not only does this tank look absolutely fabulous, but as you can see here, it doesn't bunch up or ride up or ANYTHING like that. It is as soft as it looks too! I stayed dry and completely comfortable while doing this fun outdoor yoga workout!

I'm completely obsessing over the Ultimate racer back tank from Aurorae, and you can bet I will be picking this up in more of the gorgeous bright colors AND shopping for all my future workout clothing from Aurorae in the future too!

This brand of workout gear and clothing is absolutely amazing, super soft, super chic, and comfortable too! And I know you will be as pleasantly surprised and happy with it as I am!

If you would like to learn more about the Aurorae fitness clothing line or shop this cute Ultimate Racer Back tank today, then be sure to check them out Here on Amazon or checkout

Happy Working-Out!

* I was given this product from Aurorae and for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

6 Reasons why you should always Purchase Flowers via an Independent Florist

Receiving flowers – regardless of the occasion – is an absolute treat. The convenience of walking into just any supermarket to purchase them is definitely noteworthy, but the benefits an independent florist have over all the rest is undeniable.

There’s a level of comfort in selecting flower arrangements from a local or independent florist like no other. It’s a place that not only builds relationships to provide you with the best flora for your occasion, but the fact you can literally smell the local flowers is enough to send anyone over the edge!

Over the years, the flower industry has boomed significantly with independent florists and floral designers working harder than ever before. But just how exactly, will it benefit you purchasing flowers direct from them instead of your local supermarket or non-independent florist? We delve into the benefits of local blooms so you can be sure you’re buying the best.

1. Quality Control

One of the biggest advantages of buying directly from a local or independent florist is the quality control. Instead of an average bouquet that holds little to no personality and a low level of quality, independent florists offer something much more exceptional. Whilst there are still customers who scramble for a bunch of flowers at the last minute at their local supermarket, there’s still a good bunch of certain people who prefer something a little more tasteful and actually want to put some thought into it.

In most cases, supermarket flowers are rarely the freshest blooms. Professional and independent florists have the advantage of sourcing only the healthiest looking flowers fit for their arrangements and seek the highest of quality for their customers. For independent florists – good quality products and services are number one priority and naturally, they’ll ensure that their customers get the best quality products and services possible.

2. Value and Trust

When you deal with smaller, independent florists you tend to build a relationship based on stronger foundations. You’re not just buying off them because you want a fantastic looking bunch of flowers – you’re buying off them because you trust that their products and services have a sense of value to them.

Whilst the added service can come at a cost, the value of those extra steps independent florists will take to ensure quality over quickness and value over price is irreplaceable. Because there’s a significant sense of passion in the craftsmanship of florists, you can trust that they really have put their heart and soul into each individual flower and plant arrangement – and that’s really what counts, isn’t it!

3. Wider Variety of Products

For customers that seek something a little more creative and beautiful, independent florists are definitely the way to go. We’ve all been there before – the mad rush to buy that last minute bunch of flowers from the supermarket – and whilst they may just scrape over the line, there’s really not much variety or quality about them at all.

Independent florists aim to please a large range of customers, different styles and tastes so a wide range of products and designs to suit everyone is essential. Ian Brown, Director at A Touch of Class Flowers believes it’s the variety that gives them a huge advantage over non-independent florists. 

“Local florists offer a wider variety of products compared to the supermarkets”, he admits. “Combined with a one-on-one service to customers, it’s incomparable with its value”.

4. Local and Environmental Benefits

Another fantastic advantage of independent florists is that they tend to offer both local and environmental benefits to their customers. Independent florists often prioritise buying from local suppliers where possible compared to chain supermarkets with a florist department who wouldn’t necessarily bother with this, or have the time and resources to make it happen.

Smaller, more specialised companies often have that advantage of sourcing as much as they can locally. This is hugely beneficial for anyone involved and purchasing from them to know they are getting a product that’s not only high quality, but also supports the local community and environment around them too.

5. Avoiding the Middleman

Dealing directly with independent florists’ means you get to avoid the middleman surrounding the industry. Not only can this reduce overall costs significantly, but it also means that the person creating your arrangements understand your specific needs without translation getting lost.

Mr. Brown says it’s important too, to define exactly who the middleman is. “There’s a number of online florist exchange companies (“middlemen”) operating now within Australia”, explains Mr. Brown. “The process they use is to advertise in such a way to appear they’re located everywhere so it’s vital you thoroughly check their contact details. Be wary of non-location specific phones number (beginning with 1300 or 13) and make sure they have an office address. It’s common for florist exchange companies to just list this number with no actual location.”

Prices tend to be much more reasonable with independent florists combined with what you’re actually getting value wise because the costs of the middleman and overhead expenses are eliminated. “The real effect of using florist exchange businesses takes place when you do an order with a total value of say, $100”, says Mr. Brown. “Fees and commissions are taken out by the florist exchange operation and can be up to 30% extra, so the lovely arrangement of flowers you’re sending will actual have a product value closer to $70”.

“The names used by such businesses aren’t really the sort of names a proud local florist will choose to use either”, explains Mr. Brown. “Business names ending with the word “flowers” are usually a good indicator of an exchange type operation”.

“Perhaps the most compelling reason to avoid florist exchange companies when ordering flowers or special gifts is that you don’t actually get to speak with the florist who’ll be making that unique arrangement or bouquet”, says Mr. Brown. “So the sentiment, the feeling you’re trying to express to the person you’re sending the flowers too is sadly lost”.

6. Avoiding the Myth

Like the middleman, the ‘myth’ can be used as a sneaky selling point to throw off customers. Not only does it make you believe that the middleman is the real deal, but it uses too-good-to-be-true statements that aren’t always genuine.

“A great example of the myth is free delivery”, says Mr. Brown. “There is no such thing as free delivery! Can you purchase a delivery van for free? Can you fill it with free fuel? Does the driver work for free? The obvious answer, is no, so how do certain companies advertise ‘free delivery’?”
“In most cases, a flat delivery component is incorporated into the advertised price you see – typically around $20”, explains Mr. Brown. “Therefore, a $100 arrangement will typically have an average flower value of around $80”.

7. Customisation and Skilful Approach

Florists work in a very creative environment. They use their arrangements and work ethics to express their own set of skills and innovation and thus, a lot of work tends to go into each and every flower preparation. Dealing directly with an independent florist gives you access to both a personalised and skilful approach – and this is evident in every bunch you purchase.

Buying flowers isn’t like buying electronics; a bouquet of flowers or roses is meant to be special, with thought and skill going into it. Thus, if you want the best – you need to take the extra steps to ensure your choice of florist ticks all the boxes.

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, a freelance writer with a passion for all things creative. Jayde has had various work published with The West – Health and Medicine and Dynamic Business. You can catch her on Google+.